Five Farmhouse Lifestyle and Decor Bloggers That We Love

Working in a creative field, sometimes you just get stuck. A change of scenery is great for a refresh, but you can only go on so many vacations or team research trips. Having a pretty space to work in definitely helps too, which is why Tim, the boss and founder, is always moving stuff around and updating the furniture. Or … Read More

The Best White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors

If you only know one thing about white paint, it should be that they are not all the same. Here are eight popular paint colors for that perfect white Modern Farmhouse exterior. Plus, read to the end to find out which of these whites we always recommend on our homes!

Our 15 Favorite Wallpapers That Will Make Your Home Insta-Worthy

You’ve probably noticed, but wallpaper seems to be taking center stage in home decor right now. This major comeback is partly due to the recent surge of 60s and 70s influence, and partly a defiance of the all-white minimalism that had control of interior design the last few years. With so many different prints and textures, wallpaper also offers a … Read More

What is Modern Farmhouse Design? And How to Get the Look

Modern Farmhouse: An extremely popular residential style with home owners, Pinteresters and Fixer Upper fans alike, but what exactly is Modern Farmhouse design? And how do you really capture the perfect mix of Modern and Farmhouse when decorating a home? (Hint: stay away from your grandmother’s 1960s chicken-print wallpaper). We’ve got you covered with tips, terms and techniques for how … Read More