Five Farmhouse Lifestyle and Decor Bloggers That We Love

Working in a creative field, sometimes you just get stuck. A change of scenery is great for a refresh, but you can only go on so many vacations or team research trips. Having a pretty space to work in definitely helps too, which is why Tim, the boss and founder, is always moving stuff around and updating the furniture. Or at least, that’s the excuse we use to buy new things!

However, I’ve found that one of the best (and more budget friendly) ways to stay out of a rut is to get involved with my fellow bloggers and follow other women sharing in their pursuit of a beautiful life. So here’s a list of farmhouse lifestyle and decor bloggers that inspire me with their lovely homes, sincere advice and authentic joy!

Farmhouse Living

Farmhouse Living is an online decor shop and lifestyle blog run by mother daughter duo Michelle and Shelby. I’ve long been a fan of their Instagram feed, which is full of cozy interior shots with the occasional cheeky quote thrown in. Recently we had the special opportunity to meet up with these ladies and show them around our modified Mirandaise in Austin, and no joke they are as smart and fun in person as they are online! Check out their blog for great renovation and design tips, and lots of gorgeous inspiration photos.

Cotton Stem

Erin at Cotton Stem is a wealth of knowledge. I constantly see her beautiful home shared all over Instagram and Pinterest, and her blog is packed with DIY tutorials, decor ideas, fashion tips and shopping guides. Plus, she has four adorable daughters that frequently make appearances in her posts. Follow her blog for a range of life advice, inside and outside the home.

Cottonwood and Co.

Nicki’s got mad photography and design skills, with her blog focusing on design, travel, country living and entertaining. The best part is, she’s in Australia, so I get to live vicariously through all her stories of life on the other side of the world. Nicki has a sweet spirit, and you’re sure to be inspired by her beautiful photography, simple way of living and delicious recipes.

La Petite Farmhouse 

Lauren and Kyle love sharing about their journey through a fulfilling and fun, yet slower-paced life. While they have plenty of interior design and DIY posts, La Petite Farmhouse embodies a true lifestyle blog, with cozy date night ideas, travel guides, cocktail recipes, and honest reflections of their progress towards a simplified way of living. Added bonus: they recently starting documenting the construction of their new Scandinavian farmhouse build!

Mountainside Home

Stacy is another amazing blogger seeking after a simpler way of life. Her posts show her love of minimalism, spontaneity and time with her family. She’s the queen of intentional design choices, and pours her heart into each blog post as much as she does each space in her home. She also has the coolest Instagram feed, and her children are more stylish than I will ever be.

So there you have it! Five farmhouse lifestyle and decor blogs that we love to follow. I always enjoy stumbling across new bloggers and Instagramers with great style and helpful or insightful posts, so share the wealth and let me know who inspires you!

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