Maison Provincial: A Fresh Take on the Traditional European Farmhouse Style

Our new Maison Provincial flight of house plans is now available and we could not be more honored to share these latest designs with you! Inspired by the homes of the European countryside, our four new plans evoke a winsome and charming spirit, within a dignified and noble appearance.

As a thank you for receiving such a great response in the first week of our launch, we’ve done a quick Q&A for you with founding partner and lead architect, Tim Brown, about the inspiration, passion and intention behind Maison Provincial!

How did you take a more traditional style and update it to be current?

Our clients are looking for sophistication without the formality. Most traditional styles have heavy, intricate, ornate touches. We take the overall scale and proportions from each traditional style and pull the visually heavy items away. This brings a fresh perspective while maintaining the familiar forms of each style. It’s a balance, however, you can’t scale back too much or it loses interest. Clients want open, informal living without looking plain or too simple.

What were some of the major design considerations when you started to craft these plans?

We have had great success with our Modern Farmhouse floor plan designs, so we wanted to bring more variety to the same concepts with this flight. Even though the exteriors are different in style, the floor plan concepts are consistent. We also realized we needed to have a bigger spread in the size of the homes, not just in bed and bath counts, but varying the sizes of each individual space as well.

Why only four new plans?

Each custom design has so much creative effort put into it. If we have too many designs in circulation, we would not have the intimate familiarity we strive for with each home and client relationship. Plus, with customizations, we don’t need more plans to fit more people. By starting with a good framework, we are able to tweak the preformed concept to make it unique to the individual client.

What is the heart behind Perch Plans?

Bringing good design to everyone. We want people to know the feeling of working directly with an architect to make your design your own. We also want to provide solid design guidance that follows each individual homeowner’s specific situations. It’s bridging the gap between traditional custom architects and bulk online plan brokers.

What makes the Perch Plans process different from other online house plan purveyors?

With such an important purchase, everyone wants reassurance that they are making the right decision. We offer sound advice prior to each purchase to give our clients a clear picture of what we offer and if we are the right architects for them. So, when they do make that purchase and choose to proceed with us, they are confident in that decision.

Interested in experiencing the Perch Plans difference for yourself? Send us an email or give us a call to see how we can help you build your dream home. And don’t forget to check out the new Maison Provincial house plans here!

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