The Best White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors

If you only know one thing about white paint, it should be that they are not all the same. With the rising popular of white homes, the number of choices has become overwhelming, and it’s impossible to tell what something really looks like from a swatch. So we’ve put together the best list to get your started: eight popular paint colors for that perfect white Modern Farmhouse exterior. Plus, read to the end to find out which of these whites we always recommend on our homes!


Simply White

Simply White was the Benjamin Moore color of the year in 2016, and it has only grown in popularity since then. It’s warm and cheery, with just the slightest yellow undertone.

Photo: Project Ugly House

China White

China White is a pretty good true white, yet has a denser, richer appearance. In darker interior spaces it will lean a dimmer greige, but on exteriors it provides a soft, bright white.

Studio McGee

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is perhaps the brightest, true white option. It’s fresh and clean, and just barely leans towards cool toned. Perfect if you want a crisp, stark look!

Photo: Jackson Built Homes

White Dove

Soft and creamy, White Dove has barely a hint of gray, but remains bright and warm. It also very closely matches it’s Sherwin Williams counterpart, Alabaster (see below).

Photo: Kroiss Development


Pure White

Pure White is aptly named, as it has just the tiniest bit of tint to take off some of the icy edge. Will definitely give you a crisp, clean look, and looks dreamy in soft light.

Duchess of York


In keeping with the white trend, Sherwin Williams declared Alabaster their color of the year in 2017. This paint has a good amount of warmth to make it soft, but doesn’t quite cross over into creamy.

Photo: EE Architecture

Oyster White

Oyster White is probably the darkest one on this list, if you can even call white paint “dark”. It’s a creamy greige with more warmth than most of the others.

Photo: HGTV and Liz Nemeth


The moment you’ve been waiting for, this is the color that we specify for our exteriors at Perch Plans. It has a bit of a grayer tint, which helps it stay crisp and cool without being too stark. We love the way it plays in the sunlight, and how well it contrasts against dark steel windows.

Photo: Tim Brown Architecture

So there you have it! Eight of the best white paint options for achieving the perfect Modern Farmhouse look. You can see that while the paint chips all look vastly different, on a house the overall effect is much more similar. So really, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Think we missed one? Let us know, what other colors have you considered or used?

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