Can I modify the designs to make it custom to my needs?

Each Perch Plans design has been carefully crafted with aesthetic, flow, and efficiency of space and energy in mind. We understand that every homeowner’s needs are different and sometimes personalization is desired. As a project of Blair Austin Studio, Perch Plans has a team of licensed and experienced architects that will work with you directly to make the modifications you need. Send your customization requests and questions to info@perchplans.com where scope of work, time required, and cost to modify your plan set can be discussed. We assess all modification requests on an individual basis. 

What is the cost to build?

We unfortunately don’t have any cost per square foot data - that will vary greatly depending on your location and level of finish out. Your best bet on that front will be to reach out to some local builders and ask what they’ve been seeing in your area.

What do I receive with my plan purchase? 

The box you’ll receive from Perch Plans after completing your purchase will contain: A full set of printed Construction Drawings, written Construction Specifications, and a Flash Drive containing PDF files of all documents. 

How long does it take for me to receive drawings?

A PDF of the Schematic Design set for your chosen plan will be emailed to you along with your order receipt immediately after payment approval. Your plan box will be shipped for ground delivery within 2 business days of your purchase.

What other professionals will I need to take the construction of my home to completion?

A Building Contractor, Structural Engineer, and Land Surveyor will be required to begin construction on your home, but a Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, and Energy Consultant are also strongly recommended.  

What if I want need a basement foundation below my house?

Every one of our designs can be placed on several different foundation types including a basement. Seek the advice of local building professionals to help determine what choice is right for your area. 

Can I reproduce the drawings?

You may copy the Construction Documents as many times as needed for your Building Contractor and other professionals. Typically, you can use your local reprographics company for large format printing.

Can I build this design more than once?

Each Perch Plan purchased may only be built once and in the zip code specified at the time of sale. 

Can I get a refund if I choose not to build this design?

All design document sales are final. 

What if I want to purchase multiple plans for a development?

Our purpose at Perch Plans is to provide individuals looking to build a personal home design with a comprehensive plan package. To discuss purchasing options for plans of a similar scale and styling available for repeat licensing please contact Blair Austin Studio, LLC. directly at info@blairaustinstudio.com.

What is the best way to contact Perch Plans if I have any other questions?

The best way to reach us with any questions is to email us at info@perchplans.com. You may also leave a voicemail for us to reach you by phone at 512.827.2439.