How We Got Started

After years of fielding requests to purchase designs from custom home projects, Blair Austin Studio launched Perch Plans in 2016. Inspired by the firm's sought-after custom projects, Perch is a boutique shopping experience that makes Blair Austin Studio's design sensibility and 15+ years of experience in high-end residential architecture available to more homeowners.
But our goal isn't just to sell plans to customers - We want to develop a lasting client relationship with you. The distinction we make between 'customer' and 'client' is significant. It speaks to our level of commitment and standards for service. And it's just one of many facets that make the Perch Plans experience truly unparalleled.
When it comes to designing a home, historically there are two options; spend a large sum of money to design a custom home -or- spend countless hours searching through online plans, settling for something that might work for you. We offer a unique alternative by bridging the gap between online plan sales and custom residential architecture. Our approach is somewhat taboo, because it disrupts longstanding practices in the professional architectural community, but our critics are far outnumbered by the homeowners and enthusiasts that view our plans with the same excitement as they view custom home designs. We believe everyone should have access to good design, dedicated service and professional expertise.
It takes countless hours to handcraft and develop each Perch design. Every one of our designs provides a level of detail far beyond any other plans you'll find available for purchase online. Specific regional design information will be required, in most instances (structural and local ordinance), but the drawings and documents you'll receive include the majority of the information you'll need to complete your project, including: comprehensive construction documents, written specifications and energy report (HVAC).
Our designs are divided into flights, each containing four to six limited edition designs that share an architectural style and aesthetic. We'll never sell the same design to more than one client in the same zip code. We do this to protect the uniqueness of our clients' investment and because we believe strongly in maintaining an eclectic range of homes in every neighborhood.
Unlike many other house plan sites, our in-house team of licensed, professional architects work with you directly to customize any of our designs to suit your needs. We discourage extensive modifications and changes, in order to maintain the original intent of the designs, but we're happy to offer consulting for light modifications. If you are interested in a custom modification, please contact the Perch team now. Learn more about our process.