Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire

August 01, 2018

Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire

Despite the high temperatures right now, there’s something about summer that just makes me want to be outside all the time. I was going to write a blog about how to find the perfect homesite, but I kept catching myself daydreaming about porch swings and pergolas, and designing my ideal outdoor living space. So you’ll have to wait for the next one for our homesite tips, but to make it up to you I’ve got 11 incredible outdoor living spaces to inspire!

Modern Patio

This amazing modern patio incorporates many of the latest interior design trends, with moody black tones, tropical print fabrics and big leafy greenery. The outdoor grill and long bench seat make this the perfect spot for a stylish cookout with all of your closest friends!

Boho Hammock

How adorable is this boho hammock scene? The blankets, pillows and poofs are oozing trendy and comfy vibes. And let’s not forget that expertly placed lens flare. Give me a good book and I could lay in this piece of eclectic paradise alllll day.

City Terrace

You may not have a sprawling backyard, or any yard at all for that matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a killer outdoor space. This city terrace provides separation with screens and tall plants, without blocking out the amazing urban skyline. Plus the abundance of greenery adds a lush feel, like a garden in the air.

Outdoor Shower

Ever experienced the freeing and earthly sensation of bathing outside? This charming outdoor shower let’s you be one with nature as you wash in the open air. With a gate for privacy, of course. Wouldn’t want to alarm the neighbors.

Colorful Dining

I love how whimsical this colorful dining set up is! The bright textiles, vintage glassware and dense flower beds create a fanciful setting just begging for a springtime brunch with floral-themed drinks.

Modern Bar

If you are frequently found dining at the coolest restaurants around town, this modern bar is for you. With a set up like this, you won’t have to go any farther than your backyard for a cocktail and a trendy atmosphere. Plus, the drinks are cheaper and you don’t have to tip the bartender! Word of caution though, don’t create an amazing bar space like this unless you are prepared to host every gathering for your friends.

Canopy of Roses

This canopy of roses is the sweetest little spot for daydreaming the day away, or inspiring spontaneous confessions of love. There’s even enough room to set up a small dining table for impromptu garden parties. Definitely the ideal outdoor living space for a hopeless romantic.

Bed Swing

Now I love a good porch swing, but a bed swing is next level. How fun would that be to sleep on this screened porch on a cool night, gently rocking yourself into a blissful slumber in this suspended bed? Sign me up! When it’s no longer 100 degrees outside, I mean…

Overgrown Patio

A gorgeous overgrown patio like this embraces the natural environment, composing an outdoor living space that blends seamlessly into the landscape. It feels raw, organic and cultivated, yet also has a quiet refinement and sophistication. I almost picture this behind a Spanish-inspired villa in southern California, or something like that.

Romantic Evening Dining

Of course I had to include this romantic evening dining table from Cotten Stem! Perhaps you’ve seen this on Instagram before, it’s so lovely that everyone wants to share it around. The white bistro chairs and hanging lanterns in the soft glow of the string lights just make this space absolutely dreamy!

Pool House

It’s hard to beat a fully decked out pool house like this one. A huge glass slider converts this room into indoor/outdoor living, while the ceiling fan and fireplace ensure it can be enjoyed all year long. It’s the perfect space to seek some shade by the pool, or to stay dry while listening to the rain.

Whatever your style or location, there’s infinite options for crafting an outdoor living space just right for you. To see more of our favorite outdoor living inspirations, be sure to check out our Pinterest board here! Let us know, which of these photos is your favorite?

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