Halloween Decor that Doesn't Suck

October 02, 2018

Halloween Decor that Doesn't Suck

Photo: Alice & Lois

I’ve never been one to go all out decorating for holidays. I’ll put up lights and a tree for Christmas, but the rest of the year, my house looks just the same as every other day. Not that I’m a holiday scrooge. A big part of it is that I just don’t want to fill my storage closet with boxes of stuff that only get’s used 2% of the time.

Another reason is that a lot of holiday decorations are, shall we say, not chic. I don’t really want to cover my house in red paper cupids or glittery green shamrocks. But with Halloween coming up, I started looking for small, stylish ways to incorporate some festive fun into my home. So here are some Halloween decor ideas and DIYs that don’t suck.

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Pom poms and tassels are big in decor right now, so it’s a natural choice. With a slight nod to holiday themes, these garlands will blend seamlessly into your regular decor while still adding some spook. I especially love these little ghost tassels. It’s subtle enough that your guests might not see the specters at first glance, but will be delighted once they do!

Photos: Letterfolk | Letterfolk 

Letter Board

Again, witty letter boards are already trendy, which means you probably already have one (did someone say free decor?). Just choose your favorite halloween pun, joke or movie quote and you’re good to go! Creep it real.

Photo: Elle Decor

Black Plants

I love this idea. We all know #plantlady mania is a thing, but painting flake plants all black puts a spooky twist on it. Sprinkle these around your home or use them in vignettes on your end tables. You don’t have to worry about anyone judging you for using fake plants instead of real here.

Photos: Country Living | Brit + Co.

Black and White

Going along with black plants, a black and white color palette is much classier than the typical Halloween orange, black and purple. The monochromic scheme elevates your decor to a more mature feel, but still brings plenty of creepy vibes. Add a touch of color here or there if you wish, but keep it minimal.

Photos: Brit + Co. | Make + Do Studios

Unconventional Colors

You could also eschew traditional colors all together and go with something vibrant and playful. If doom and gloom isn’t your thing, bust out some hot pink pumpkins or an array of pastel skulls. With some dollar store decorations and a few cans of spray paint, your Halloween home could be just as colorful as the unicorn costume your wore last year.

Photos: the Kuotes | Marie Flanigan | tableystreet

Touches of Metallics

There’s just something about metallics that can instantly create a more upscale look as well. Put black taper candles in gold candleholders, or paint some copper feathers like the garland below. I also love these blinged out pumpkins made with brads and pins!

Photos: oohlaluxe | Brit + Co.

Painted pumpkins

No matter what style or color scheme you’re going for this Halloween, painted pumpkins are the way to go. Whether it’s mod patterns or cheeky sayings, ditch the carving knife and pick up a paint brush. The best part? No one will know the difference if you use cheap plastic pumpkins, meaning you can reuse these decorations for years to come. Even if styles change, just paint over it and start fresh!

What it really all comes down to is this: Look for ways to put a Halloween spin on items you would or already have incorporated into your regular home decor, and don’t be afraid to side step the typical or cliche ideas. Keep it simple, if you try to do everything your home will end up looking like the costume shop.

Don’t just decorate for the holidays because you have to, do it because you love the decor you get to put up! Need more inspiration? Check out our Holiday Decor Pinterest board!

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