Etsy Roundup: Fall Decor Finds

September 10, 2018

Etsy Roundup: Fall Decor Finds

A major home refresh can’t always be in the budget, but as seasons change, trends do too. Making small adjustments to your decorative pieces is a great way to update the look of your home, without paying a ton for new furniture, or dealing with the hassle of repainting.

One of our favorite places to look for home decor items is Etsy. You’re sure to find something unique, and may even score a good deal! So here’s our first Etsy Roundup, fall decor finds edition!

Turkish Towels:

The world is obsessed with these towels right now, and I’m certainly hopping on that train as well. Real Turkish towels are great for their light weight and versatile qualities. They are quick drying and roll up small, plus stylish enough to be a throw blanket, coverup, tablecloth, you name it. Knock offs may still have the look, but you risk that they won't be as high quality, so just be careful what you buy.

Jute Rugs:

Jute rugs have been popular most of the year, especially with the rug layering trend. They don’t seem to be exiting any time soon however, and recently there’s been a small shift towards round and patterned jute, instead of just the classic area rug. I love this little tasseled jute rug for small spaces or an entry way.

Leather & Mudcloth Pillows:

Another trend I am all about right here. Mudcloth is a heavier fabric with graphic patterns, almost like a tribal print, typically in black and white or other neutrals. The real stuff is sewn in strips and died with mud (hence the name), but you don’t have to dish out the cash for the handmade version in order to get the same look. It’s a great accent detail for minimalist design and the current wabi-sabi imperfection fad.

Sleek, midcentury modern-style leather couches and chairs have also been big this year, especially in camel/caramel tones. Now leather accent pillows are making their way onto the scene, so thankfully you don’t have to replace your couch. Pair them with patterned mudcloth pillows, or find some covers that incorporate both!

Pom Pom Blankets:

Okay, who doesn’t love a pom pom blanket? They’re cozy and fun, and are sure to instantly upgrade your nightly Netflix routine. Plus the on-trend stripes will look great folded across the bottom of your all-white bedspread. And not to mention, match those new Turkish towels you just ordered.

Brass Mirrors:

Not really a new trend, as we’ve all been collecting brass decorative knick-knacks and installing brass light fixtures for quite a while now. However, the simplistic, streamlined glass we’ve seen everywhere is beginning to give way to more unique, detailed styles. Look for uncommon shapes and double frames or inlays. And speaking of mirrors…

Round Wood Mirror:

It’s part rustic, part nautical, and all simple chic. While brass is still big, we’re going to see a lot of the round bathroom and entryway mirrors swapped from metallic to wood. The price of this one is comparable to West Elm or Crate and Barrel, but that being said, you could probably find a very similar item for cheaper elsewhere.


Another super fun trend that will challenge you not to take yourself too seriously. When done right, fringe can give off a sophisticated boho feel, and certainly creates a good interest piece. Plus there as so many different styles and options, you’re bound to find something that fits your home. Just be selective, you don’t want to look like you’re hanging a middle school craft project on the wall.

Rust/Copper Velvet:

Whatever name you want to choose for this burnt orange-y color, it seems like it suddenly started popping up all over my Instagram. It’s the perfect shade for fall, reminiscent of pumpkin pie and the changing leaves, while also bringing in the luxe jewel-toned velvet trend that has held on since late last year. I guess orange really is the new black.

I want to know which of these trends is your favorite, or which one you’re already rocking in your house! See something you like? Every photo is linked back to the Etsy shop it came from!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to buy some Turkish towels and figure out if there’s any possible way to fit more pillows on my couch. Check out our Pinterest board for more 2018 home decor trends!

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