The 5 Best Home Décor Trends for Spring 2018

March 22, 2018

The 5 Best Home Décor Trends for Spring 2018

The modern farmhouse style will always hold a special place in our hearts, but the latest interior design trends are introducing some new styles into the mix. As Fixer Upper comes to an end, home décor is going less rustic and more bold. So pack up your distressed wood signs and whitewashed window frames, and say hello to the newest trends coming for Spring 2018. 

Jewel tones and more of the best home decor trends for spring 2018

Moody Tones

Your Pinterest feed is about to start showing a lot more color. Homeowners are getting adventurous with some deeper, more vivid hues. Jewel tones are big this spring, and showing up on everything from fabrics to furniture to walls. Pantone kicked it off with ultra violet, but emerald, navy and magenta have joined the party. Woods are also getting darker in keeping with this shift towards richer shades.

Blue kitchens are trending for home decor right now! Check out these 5 interior design trends!

For the Chef

Kitchens are stepping away from the all-white look as well. Warm woods, neutrals, blues and grays are popular for cabinets this spring, and open shelving is starting to phase out. Homeowners are also showing some creativity with kitchen sinks, opting for unique materials like copper, stone and concrete instead of the old-faithful stainless steel. The over-all feel is less clean and pristine, and more warm and inviting, like fresh cookies baking in your oven. 

Jewel tones, velvet couches and more of the best home decor trends for spring 2018

Lavish Living

All that mid-century modern furniture you bought last year is still in style, but you may want to throw in some 70s inspired pieces as well. Furniture trends are turning away from clean lines and straight edges in favor of plush cushions, curves and ornate detailing. Statement pieces are a must, whether it’s a bold and unique sideboard or luxe, blue velvet couch. And keep on adding those brass accents. Your living room should be every bit as glamorous as Farrah Fawcett wearing Yves Saint Laurent. 

Global flair is all about layered rugs, heavy textures and mismatched patterns! Check out this travel-inspired home decor trend!

Global Flair

Taking root in the Bohemian trend of last year, global flair takes it a step further with heavy textures, layers of mismatched patterns and Moroccan-inspired light fixtures. Bold rugs are crucial to this style, preferably two or three stacked together. Look for pillows and throw blankets with pompoms and tassels, and lots of poofs with tribal or southwestern markings. Traditional frame gallery walls are also being replaced with collections of woven baskets, ceramic plates or masks.

All these bold looks and brazen colors not for you? Keep reading, this next home decor style might be more to your taste!

Wabi-sabi is the latest trend in minimalist home decor. Love this interior design inspiration for spring!

Natural Beauty

Emerging from a Japanese concept called Wabi-Sabi, this design trend embraces the beauty in imperfection. Raw edges, natural materials and handmade details take center stage here. Get ready to see a lot of rattan chairs, hand thrown pottery and rough linen napkins from your friends that drink kombucha and frequent modern art galleries. Concrete, exposed brick and tarnished metals are also making a comeback with this minimalist style.

I’m all about incorporating the latest home decor trends into your home, but don’t change your aesthetic just to please the masses. Focus on a style that speaks to you, and take time curating special pieces that you love. We’ve put a Pinterest board together to help you get inspired, so take a peek!

Want more? Check out this handy article from Apartment Therapy on how to layer rugs, and this slideshow by HGTV for Wabi-Sabi decor basics!

Photo credits: Studio McGee | The French Bedroom CompanyAbout Her | Ryon Lockhart | Angela Mayhoe | Zara Home

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